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Your Guide to Pairing Food with Cider


Creamy or Saucy Dishes 

Cider really comes into its own here. Instead of trying to pair cider with a particular meat (chicken, pork or beef), think casseroles or pies with strong or rich flavours, or sausages cooked with mash potato and lashings of onion gravy. Ciders almost unique ability to cut through exceptionally rich dishes makes it the obvious partner.

Creamy Pasta Bakes & Risottos

The same reason as above. Cider cuts through the weight and richness of creamy pasta dishes. Keep your flavours similar to the above, mushroom, onion or strong herbs, anything where you need your beverage of choice to cut through and refresh the palette. 



We’re in ciders backyard talking salads. Whether its ploughman’s, a BBQ or just a side salad with your favourite pizza, it’s a winner. Especially chicken Caesar salad or perhaps a ham salad with a creamy dressing.

Cold Cuts of Meat

Ham is the natural choice here, taking us back to the classic ploughman’s. But, don’t forget boiled gammon, patés, terrines, pork pies and even scotch eggs. We would also recommend cuts of roast beef with a little horseradish.



Creamy Vegetable or Chicken soups are perfect. Anything with onion, mushroom, celery, fennel or leek would also make a great pairing.


A bit of a dream-team, especially with quiche Lorraine or leek quiche. 

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When it comes to a BBQ pretty much anything goes. Whether it’s the sunshine, blue sky and the chance to spend the day in the garden that goes to our heads, something happens, and cider becomes the drink of choice. No matter what we are eating. 
So, we thought we would give you a few food ideas to try which we think work particularly well with a few bottles of cider in the garden...



Not the first thought for many people, but a ‘hallelujah’ moment for the pizza lovers of the world when this was discovered. In fact, an entire brand has been built on this concept. The Stable, the Dorset born British pizza and cider brand have taken every new city they enter by storm, proof to their ever-expanding popularity of this concept. 


Lamb Rogan Josh, Dopiaza, Kormas, Tikka’s and even bhajis work well. So long as your cider is powerful enough in flavour to deliver some clout, like the chardonnays of the wine world you have a winner.


Pork (Roasted, BBQ or Pulled)

Roast pork on a Sunday, pork belly on the BBQ or slow cooked pulled pork – it all works. Add a little cider for extra points. Checkout our pulled pork recipe. 


Camembert: is always a winner; you cannot go wrong. 
Cheddar: in all its forms, don’t be shy to go for the extra mature stuff. 
Beaufort: works fantastically. The meaty buttery flavours work so well with cider.
Blue Cheese: For those who love a bit of Stilton or Stinking Bishop, we suggest getting the cider really cold by adding some ice. The crisp sharp finish of the cider is what you want to accentuate here and the ice will help you do that. 
Brie: a favourite of ours. With its soothing mellow flavour and creamy finish, what’s not to love. Pairing with a dry or medium dry cider balances the dry notes with the creamy finish of the cheese. 
Goats Cheese: Cider provides the refreshing quality you so often need with goat’s cheese. The saltier finish of goats cheese contrasts perfectly with the cider.