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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

The summer of 2022 is set for big things with the vaccine rollout hitting its targets, pubs taking hundreds of bookings and the launch of Darkside Ciders to the UK market.

Everything you need to know...

Designed very simply to be the best. Here at Darkside Ciders we use a mix of tradition, modern processes & an unyielding passion for sustainably sourced British ingredients. This makes what we think is the best pint of cider you will drink this summer. From the 15th April the taps start flowing and you will find Darkside ciders in your local pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, off licence and shops.  

The beginning

Where did it all start? A wishful thought during lockdown 1.0 one sunny Saturday afternoon, sitting in the garden with a cold bottle of cider. A thought appeared, 'wouldn't it be great if I could make this taste a little better, I wonder if I could make my own cider?'...and that was that. Darkside Ciders was born.

The how

We started by asking ourselves where the best ciders are made and why they were so good. It didn't take long to work out Somerset had a very strong record when it came to making cider and we needed a little of whatever they had. So we found an orchard partner who shared our ideals of sustainably sourced British produce and passion for what they did.

What followed was months of blending, tasting and trial and error, but the result was better than we could have hoped. A refreshing and sophisticated medium cider with a smooth body, subtle sweetness and crisp finish.

The who

Who are we and what does Darkside Ciders stand for? These were big questions, but surprisingly easy to answer.

  • Who Are We: A Solihull based cider company with a passion for making really great cider.

  • Our Values: Quality, Sustainability and Friends.

  • Our Mission: To create great tasting, sustainably sourced British cider. A cider to be enjoyed with friends.

  • Our Vision: To break the stereotype. Cider is an exceptionally versatile drink, perfect for cocktails and well suited to all types events not just a BBQ. Cider should be as much a part of life events like weddings and dinner parties as the bottle of Pinot.

The plan

  • Darkside Ciders for all! or at least for those over the age of 18.

  • More ciders added to our range. Keep an eye out for new launches.

  • The Darkside Ciders Tap House.

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