It’s national curry week, and we’re talking cider pairing!

When you think about pairing a beverage with curry, I’m sure you think beer. In fact, most of you will be thinking Cobra. If all you’re after is a fiery experience, then it probably doesn’t matter what you choose to pair your curry with. All you want is a cooling liquid that isn’t too gassy, Cobra beer was created for exactly that reason. However, if you want something that marries with the aromatics of the best Indian cuisine, then you’re actually better off with cider – but not any old cider.

Now, before we continue it’s worth mentioning wine. The most common ‘go to’ beverage for pairing food with is a Wine, but wines can struggle with the aromatics of Eastern and South Asian cuisines, whereas those ciders made from juice provide the drinker with a full flavour profile that can be a perfect match.

Ciders feature sourness, sweetness and dryness, which give them an exceptionally compatible body and flavour profile when it comes to curry. Cider has the almost unique ability to match the aromatics, spice and sweet and sour of Indian food more proficiently than almost any other beverage. Not only does a cider marry to the flavours, but being a ‘long’ drink gives you the same refreshing qualities as something like Cobra.

Here at Darkside Ciders we love a curry! We’re very fortunate in Solihull (and the surrounding areas of Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick and Leamington) to have a plethora of fantastic curry houses. For those of you who enjoy a curry, we encourage all of you to visit your local curry house and support them with your custom in these difficult times.

For more food pairing ideas checkout our guide to pairing food with cider.

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